Weber E.MIX Guides

Here are some simple guides to assist you in your journey! 

Tile Adhesive Guide

Cracked and popping tiles are just some of the common issues that homeowners face when it comes to tiling applications, which usually stem from the improper choice of tile adhesives used. Having the proper adhesives will ensure that you create a beautiful and durable finish that lasts for a lifetime.

Waterproofing Guide

When it comes to homes or buildings, waterproofing is a critical element. Poor waterproofing can lead to concrete spalling, mould issues, and reinforcement corrosion. Fortunately, if you catch waterproofing issues early, you could resolve the problem so it’s as good as new. It is also always better to invest in excellent quality waterproofing products and workmanship as resolving waterproofing problems is often more costly. 

General Product Guide

Here is a general guide of the products needed for a home or building. One cool fact about Weber-E.MIX products is that they all come in a pre-packed form so you’re guaranteed to get a quality-controlled mix.