E.MIX mb 150

E.MIX mb 150

Rolls of 20m x 1000mm


  • 20m x 1000mm

E.MIX mb 150 is a flexible polyolefine membrane and is a self-sealing system for a fast and simple installation process without the need for chemical-based construction sealants.

It achieves its full sealing function in combination with freshly poured wet concrete (classes F4-F6).

It is designed for damp-protection, waterproofing and concrete protection for basement and other below ground concrete structures against ground water. It is applicable on all types of ground structures with poured concrete and suitable for buildings with basements, large buildings – server farms, shopping malls, libraries, hospitals and below ground structures such as car park areas, swimming pools etc. For typical waterproofing applications like open excavation, bottom-up, top-down and with sheet piling.