Mosaic Tiling in Swimming Pools

Swimming pools are areas that are subject to relatively high water pressure and movement in a constantly submerged condition. Choosing the right products and construction methods to ensure durability is extremely important.

Failure to focus on product selection and construction methods can lead to unexpected problems. This often causes homeowners and contractors alike to spend more time and money on remodeling and renovation.

Common issues and queries you can face

1. Expensive Repair/Renovation Work

The process of draining, hacking and re-tiling a swimming pool can be very costly. For relatively smaller and budget-constrained repair works, you may use our E.Mix EP 562 BP which is specifically formulated to fix mosaic tiles without the need to drain off the water. 

2. Water Seeping Through The Tile Gap

Due to constant submersion in water, after a long period of time, the water will slowly seep through the tile crevices or joints. Because cement seams are made of porous materials, water will penetrate easily. 

Therefore, the adhesion strength of the tile adhesive needs to be guaranteed. At the same time, the pool should have a waterproof layer underneath the tile.

3. Product Can't Withstand Water Pressure

In order to ensure that your swimming pool can last long, picking the correct products is essential. Read our system solution below for a guide on how to make your swimming pool more durable.

For Newly Built Swimming Pools

  1. Substrate Preparation

    Ensure the substrate is clean and free from loose particles, grease, and traces of foreign materials that may affect adhesion.

  2. Tile Adhesive Application

    A) For Housing Development Board (HDB) Projects

    E.Mix Super Fix Eco is a high quality, blended, dry-set mortar which is ideal for installation of marble, granite, ceramic and homogeneous tiles for walls and floors. It is also suitable for tiling in swimming pools and  for tile-on-tile works. 


    B) For Private Construction Projects 

    E.Mix Tile Fix 383 is a cement-based, dry-set tile adhesive suitable for swimming pools, tile-on-tile, and renovation applications.


      Both products conform to BS EN 12004: 2017 with classification of C2TES1. This means that both of them have:

      • improved adhesive
      • great slip resistance
      • extended open time
      • high deformability (flexibility)


      Pro Tip: You may also add E.Mix Bond Admix to Tile Fix 383 in order to increase its flexibility to Class S2 (BS EN 12004: 2017).

    • Cementitious or Epoxy-Based Grout Application

      A) Cementitious Grout

      E.Mix Tile Grout is water-resistant and highly versatile. It is ideal for commercial and residential uses including toilets, swimming pools, kitchens and balconies. 


      B) Epoxy-Based Grout

      Weberepox Easy is a two-component tile adhesive and grout. It highly recommended for hygiene sensitive areas like hospital and clinics, and wet areas such as swimming pools due to its:

      • high chemical resistance
      • anti-bacterial properties
      • high compressive strength
      • low water absorption

    For Swimming Pool Repair or Renovation

    1. Surface Preparation

      Ensure the surface is clean and free from laitance, oil, grease, and any contaminants. Remove using industrial detergent and scrub.

    2. Tile Repair

      Use E.Mix EP 562 BP to repair cracks and fill in the tile gaps. This product is a solvent-free, epoxy bonding paste with excellent compressive and bond strength.


      BONUS: No need to drain off the pool water!

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