E.MIX es 114

E.MIX es 114


  • 20 kg

E.MIX es 114 is a single component, easy to use, 100% water-based, low VOC, internally microfibre-reinforced elastomer protective coating system. It is non-toxic and non-hazardous to applicators or users. E.MIX es 114 internal microfibre reinforcement system enables it to cure into a tough, durable membrane to protect concrete and metal substrates. E.MIX es 114 is wear resistant, UV resistant, and adheres strongly to clean, properly prepared substrates when fully cured. E.MIX es 114 can be used with a separate fibre reinforcement fabric for additional strength and toughness to withstand light to medium vehicular traffic.

E.MIX es 114 provides an effective solution for waterproofing, roofing, building repair and preventive maintenance projects. E.MIX es 114 tough, durable, trafficable, protective coating system can be applied over almost any substrate or surface, as long as these surfaces are competent, stable and properly cleaned.  E.MIX es 114 can be used as a protective, waterproof, metal or concrete deck roof coating, a trafficable coating system for light to medium traffic.

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