E.MIX es 113

E.MIX es 113


  • 20 kg

E.MIX es 113 is a high performance elastic protective coating system designed for use in exterior environments. It is specially formulated as a ready to use, easy to apply, water-based exterior coating system to provide maximum protection to buildings. Its built-in ultra-fine microstructure matrix reinforcement, combined with the use of special functional fillers, enables the product to fill and bridge hairline cracks and to accommodate substrate movements in the harsh cyclic thermal regimes of tropical climates.

This product is able to maintain a clean exterior surface with minimum maintenance.

It can be applied to reinforced concrete walls and surfaces, concrete block, brick, masonry, fibrous cement and also properly prepared timber and metal surfaces.  It can be used effectively on almost all types of walls, fascia, facades and construction surfaces.

Suitable for overcoating high build texture/render systems, porous texture coatings and previously painted walls. It is a high performance, waterproof and elastic protective coating system over such constructions and applications.


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