External Facade

Exterior facades constantly exposed to heavy traffic and weather will wear faster than interior facades that are kept safe from such harsh conditions. To prevent the faster than normal wear and tear of your homes and buildings, we have created a low maintenance but highly durable fiber cement board system for your needs.


System Advantages:

  • Fireproof
  • Anti-carbonation
  • High impact resistance
  • Anti-termite
  • Easy to cut and fasten
  • Flexible
  • Waterproof
  • Algae and fungus resistance
  • Weather resistance
  • High scrub resistance


Bonus: It can also be tinted to any architectural colour!

Duraflex Fibre Cement Board System

  1. Fibre Cement Board

    DURAflex® Durable Fibre Cement Board is sand, cement, limestone, non-flammable materials bonded firmly together, resulting in high moisture and water-resistant capability. The structure still contains a hollow slot with a two-way breathing mechanism, allowing ease of painting. With a matrix of interlocking cellulose fibres, it has many layers of protection, thus does not break easily.

    It also has a crystalline structure allowing the board to have a higher intensity resistance, especially fire retardancy.

    Bonus: It is also asbestos-free and is a green labelled product endorsed by the Singapore Green Building Council.

  2. Waterproofing Primer

    E•MIX ES 133 DURAPrime is a water-based, deep penetration protective coating sealer, and primer. It is a single component, fast- drying, low volatile organic compound (VOC), and non-hazardous product.

    It can penetrate deeply into concrete poresand capillaries to create hard inorganic protective barrier films. This reduces concrete permeabiity while allowing the concrete substrate to breathe. It forms a clear, dense, dust-free film with excellent abrasion, chemical, and stain resistance compared to uncoated substrates.

  3. Waterproof Coating

    E•MIX ES 113 is a high performance, water-based, elastic protective coating system
    designed for use in exterior environments. Its built-in ultra-fine microstructure matrix reinforcement, combined with the use of special functional fillers, enables filling and bridging of hairline cracks and to accommodate substrate movements in the harsh cyclic thermal regimes of tropical climates.

    Bonus: It has anti-carbonation property which is able to maintain a clean exterior surface with minimum maintenance.

  4. Sealant

    Weberseal MS is a solvent-free, durable, elastomeric joint sealant suitable for sealing for external and internal building applications. Weberseal MS has excellent

    • mould resistance
    • weather resistance
    • UV resistance
    • adhesion

    These characteristics make the product suitable for use on concrete, masonry, door and window frames, aluminium, zinc, stainless, mild or galvanized steel, glass and ceramic tiles, glass-reinforced plastics, fibre or wood-chip cement boards, timber floor and skirting/plywood, kitchen and sanitary, mirrors and cabinets, etc.