EMIX ES 139 New Product

Weber Singapore


  • 18 litres

E.MIX ES 139 is a general-purpose, solvent-based sealer formulated to provide a relatively fast-drying, water-resistant finish over most porous substrates. It provides a transparent, thin-film finish and allows the natural aesthetics, colours, and textures of the substrate to be visible. It impregnates the pores of the substrate to seal the surfaces and block out moisture utilizing the residual thin clear film which prevents moisture ingress.

E.MIX ES 139 is recommended for use as a protective clear sealer on a wide range of surfaces, which includes concrete and masonry, slate, stone, and brick. It also works as an anti-dust, protective film for both internal and external applications over most surfaces such as concrete roof tiles, unglazed tiles, concrete interlocking pavement blocks, fibrous, and powdery surfaces.