E.MIX ES 135 nano plus New Product

EMIX ES 135 nano plus


  • 4 litres
  • 18 litres

E.MIX ES 135 (Nano Plus) is a transparent, penetrative, and protective clear coating system, utilizing a unique blend of nano-particles (nanotechnology waterproofing system). This product impregnates concrete and other natural porous stone facades to result in water repellence and hydrophobicity.  It produces a non-visible water repellent shield on treated substrates to block out moisture ingress while maintaining vapour transmission and substrate breathability.

It can be used on alkaline and neutral surfaces, on concrete, LWC, mortar, red bricks, natural stones, terra cotta. It leaves a non-tacky surface and helps to reduce micro-organism growth and reduce dirt build-up on the treated surfaces. This product is also a water-based primer to most substrates.

E.MIX ES 135 Nano Plus can also become a  water repellent additive in mortar or cement mix. Replace 1/4 water demand with E.MIX ES 135 when mixing each batch.