weberfill epoxy grout

weberfill epoxy grout
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Weberfill epoxy grout is a coloured, two-component, epoxide resin-based grout.

Tested and conform to requirements of BS 5980 : 1980 (for Resistance to Mould Growth). Manufactured to stringent Internal Quality Assurance System, conforming to ISO 9001 : 2008.

Weberfill epoxy grout is specially formulated for grouting or pointing joints between ceramic walls & floor tiles, vitrified homogeneous tiles, porcelain tiles, mosaics, quarry tiles, terracotta, marbles, granites, slates, terrazzo, brick veneer, decorative stones etc. Suitable for use at wall or floor, dry or wet, interior or exterior areas including swimming pools.

Recommended for use in commercial, industrial and domestic location, where chemical resistance & maintenance of hygiene and bacteriological sterility are important e.g. hospitals, food factories,  abattoirs, breweries, creameries, chemical plant, food preparation areas (kitchen), laboratories, battery filling room, spa pool, thermal pool, worktops etc. Recommended for installation subjected to steam cleaning.