E.MIX tile fix 383

E.MIX tile fix 383


  • 40 kg

E.MIX tile fix 383 is a cement-based, dry-set tile adhesive for thin-bed wall and floor tiling. 

This product is designed simply to be mixed with water to give a tile adhesive that meets high strength, anti-slip, extended open time, and good deformation of class C2TES1 (BS EN 12004). Extra flexibility (S2) can be achieved by adding E.MIX bond admix.

It is water-resistant and is ideal for installation of marble, granite, ceramic and homogeneous tiles on walls and floors for sizes up to 1.2m x 1.2m for both interior and exterior conditions. It can be used for tile-on-tile works, swimming pool tiling and renovation applications. Suitable substrates are concrete, lightweight blockworks, water resistant plasters & screeds in dry and damp conditions.

E.MIX tile fix 383 also contains recycled material and is a green-labelled product with the rating of Leader by the Singapore Green Building Product Certification Scheme

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