E.MIX super fix eco

E.MIX super fix eco


  • 25 kg

E.MIX Super Fix Eco is a high quality specially blended dry-set mortar for thin-bed wall and floor tiling. It is cement-based, water resistant and can be used in interior and exterior conditions.

It contains recycled material and is a green-labelled product with the rating of  Leader by the Singapore Green Building Product Certification Scheme. 

Designed simply to be mixed with water to give a tile adhesive that meets high strength, anti-slip, extended open time of class C2TE and has flexibility property that meets the EN classification for S1 deformation (BS EN 12004). 

An approved product in HDB Material Listing.

Ideal for installation of marble, granite, ceramic and homogeneous tiles for walls and floors for interior and exterior conditions. Suitable substrates are concrete, lightweight concrete blockworks, water resistant plasters & screeds in dry and damp conditions. It can be used for tiling in swimming pools as well as for tiling onto tiled surfaces.

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