E.MIX fast fix

Weber Singapore


  • 40 kg

E.MIX fast fix is a high strength, high performance, cementitious, water-resistant, and single component tile adhesive.

Designed simply to be mixed with water to give a tile adhesive that meets high strength, anti-slip, extended open time of class C2TE (BS EN 12004) and good deformation of class S1 (BS EN 12002) for both interior and exterior applications with a setting time of 6 hours

Extra flexibility (S2) can be achieved by adding E.MIX bond admix (BS EN 12002).

Ideal for installation of porous and vitreous tiles such as marble, granite, ceramic, and gypsum boards, brickworks and ALC block walls. The product is highly flexible and extra flexibility can be achieved by adding .

E.MIX fast fix is ideal for renovation purposes whereby quick return to service is necessary, it allows tiling and grouting in 4 – 6 hours and light traffic in 1 day due to its high early adhesion strength. Suitable for tiling on old tiles and large sized tiles, interior and exterior wall tiling on render or cement mortar or concrete in which the concrete should be sufficiently aged or cured as well as floor tiling.

It is also applicable for tiling on gypsum board, cement board, dry wall, gypsum support and anhydrite support. It can be used on E.MIX cementitious waterproofing products.

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