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PU Sealant, Foams & Fixing

Help Your Construction Projects Go Smoothly With A PU Sealant

The Smart Way to Fill and Seal

Our PU sealant is a fast and effective way to permanently seal joint gaps from concrete to stone surfaces. With superior coating strength, the sealant dries quickly, keeps out water from damaging any structures, ensuring durability.

PU Sealant & Fixing Foams

Designed to accommodate the specific project needs of industrial and commercial building trades and DIY enthusiasts. Our range of sealants and fixing foams comes as premium quality acrylic, silicone, polyurethane (PU) sealants and fixing foams.



High-performing, time-tested sealants, including PU sealants for construction with various types of materials and substrates for both interior and exterior environments.



Strong and quality polyurethane (PU) fixing foam for filling voids against draughts, noise, heat, and cold. Maintains safety standards.

Minimises Environmental Impact. Resistant to Weather and Abrasion.

Comprising plant-based material content, our PU sealant and fixing foam products are specially formulated for extensive usage without aging or tearing. It remains elastic in all weather conditions. Get yours today.