Industrial & Parking Areas

How to repair, protect & coat industrial & parking areas?

Starting from the early initial stage, our products are specially designed to repair and protect concretes against abrasion and damage. Weber also provides a solution for the pedestrian lanes, ramps, and anti-slip protection systems.

Smoothing mortars, patching or adhesion primers: All Weber solutions are highly praised by the construction industry for their optimum floor preparation. 

As for the finishing of the grounds, it offers a beautiful effect of rendering in the long term. Weber's decorative and industrial floor coverings customize the floors for sustainable use.


Parking Areas

For parking areas, Weber E.MIX heavy traffic, solvent-free systems are designed to protect floors subject to long term loads from nonstop vehicular traffic. Designed to provide the ultimate performance. 

We offer a wide range of colours for zoning, way-finding or for aesthetics. Not only does Weber E.MIX give you a practical floor surface, but it also offers you the flexibility to create a single floor using multiple colours.

  1. Epoxy Primer

    To combat the porous concrete surfaces, our E.MIX ep 500 pr offers the perfect base for hard wearing, long-lasting protection.

  2. Broadcast sand

    Silica sand can be broadcasted to give an anti-slip texture.

  3. Epoxy Coating

    Our E.MIX ep 530 hb completes the seamless floor, with a high gloss shine. Easy to clean, abrasion and chemical resistant.

    To be more efficient, our E.MIX ep 535 gs produces a slip resistant surface without the need for broadcast sand treatment. 


Weber E.MIX offers a range of concrete epoxy floor resurfacers to repair surface cracks and damage. Concrete flooring can be damaged not only by heavy machinery but also wear and tear over time, liquid seeping beneath the surface, etc. 

Small surface cracks can go undetected and grow to create more expensive problems, so it’s important to schedule routine concrete floor inspections to determine when the floor will need repairing or concrete resurfacing.

  1. Epoxy Repair Mortar

    Not only our E.MIX ep 562 bp can be used for adhesion of swimming pool tiles underwater, but it is also used for repairing substrate cracks due to its high compressive strength of 70 N/mm²

    Recommended: Cut a V-shaped groove along the cracklines before patching the cracks with E.MIX ep 562 bp the bonding paste. 

  2. Epoxy Mortar Screed

    E.MIX ep 550 ms is a three component, solvent-free, heavy duty expoxy mortar screed. With just 5mm, it can achieve a compressive strength of 90 N/mm². With its abrasion and slip-resistant characteristics, it is applicable for industrial areas with high traffic. 

    Alternatively, Weber E.MIX also offer E.MIX floor hardener, a dry shake non-metallic floor hardener for heavy duty raffic purposes, used internally or externally. 

  3. Epoxy Coating

    Our E.MIX ep 530 hb completes the seamless floor, with a high gloss shine. Easy to clean, abrasion and chemical resistant.

    We also offer E.MIX ep 535 gs which produces a slip resistant surface without the need for broadcast sand treatment. 

Self Smoothing Epoxy

E.MIX ep 520 sl forms a smooth and level texture on the surface of the floor. The smooth and seamless surface makes them ideal for vehicles shifting heavy loads continuously. It is also easier for cleaning and reduces the accumulation of dirt and bacteria greatly.

Self-leveling epoxy floors provide aesthetic appeal since the glossy seamless look makes the space look bigger and attractive. 

  1. E.MIX ep 520 sl should be applied using notched or flat trowel to a typical thickness of 2 mm. Once applied and levelled, it must be spiked rolled and allow curing to develop the performance at 7 days.

    Why spiked roll?

    To eliminate bubbles, pinholes and other pockets of gas that may be present in the screed. If the screed cures without having removed the trapped air, the finished surface will be scattered with pinholes.

    Reach a smooth evenly distributed finish, hence levelling the epoxy material.

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