Interior living spaces is the first impression for you whenever you come into the house. The visual size of the living hall may vary depending on the tile you choose, the larger the tile will make the living space look bigger and spacious.

Flooring for living hall will depend on the need for comfort in terms of visual and physical functional characteristics of the tiles such as easy to clean, the durability of the finishing, etc.

How to do the job successfully?

  1. Repair any wall/floor cracks

    Walls, concrete or hollow blocks, are subjected to defects or cracks, therefore, substrate preparation is essential and walls/floors should be well repaired by using our epoxy-based or cement-based crack repair products. 

  2. Rendering & Screeding

    If floors are uneven, screeding can be done to level the floor and also provide a suitable substrate to receive ceramic and homogeneous tiles, marble and granite slabs

    Rendering is recommended for leveling of masonry works; block wall, brick walls, ALC walls & concrete walls and to prevent water ingress into brickwork/blockwork.

  3. Skim coat

    Walls can be finished off with a skimcoat if tiling is not considered. Weber has a range of eco-friendly skim coats that can be used internally or externally. The finished surface can be wallpapered or painted. 

  4. Tile Fixing & Grouting

    If tiling is preferred, high performance weber tile adhesives are ready to be used for different stones and tiles that guarantees durable and well-fixed tiles.

    For aesthetics and protection, weber offers a varied range of colors for both cementitious and epoxy tile grouts that fill tile joints and allow better protection, resistance to moisture and protect against bacterial attack. 


  5. Other Flooring Decoratives

    Weber has a range of notable alternative for residential spaces. Epoxy floors can be sleek, durable and easy to maintain and is perfect for industrial, residential and commercial spaces. 

  6. Ready for use!

    Now it's time to do the post-work cleaning, and fill the empty space with furniture, lighting, etc and finally start enjoying your living space!

    After completing the above steps with Weber's products, photograph and share results with us using #WeberLivingSpaces.

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