how to build a long lasting bathroom

How to build a long-lasting waterproofed toilet or bathroom?

Bathrooms and toilets are wet areas where we tend to our daily personal care. We first need to cleanse off the day’s worries in the bathroom before retreating to a comfortable bedroom to end the day. Below are two ways to create a more durable bathroom.

  • Use a suitable type of tile adhesive and anti-fungus colour grout
  • Waterproof the walls and floors of the toilet

*There may be project-specific details during the renovation process. In this process, it is recommended to consult with experts.

Waterproofing The Toilet: How to complete the job successfully?

  1. Planning

    Estimate the cost and time of your work. It is always ideal to include the planning phase so that you can go through this experience in a quiet and organized way.

  2. On Tile

    You can apply the new flooring over existing flooring by using our tile-on-tile specific tile adhesives. Ensure that existing flooring is in good condition, clean and level so that you can use tile on tile technique and reduce time and debris, and consequently save money. You can use the weber tile-on-tile solution products for easy tile fixing.

  3. Waterproofing The Toilet

    The bathroom comes into direct contact with water and moisture daily. Apply the recommended weber waterproofing solutions to waterproof your bathroom and make it resistant to the growth of mould.

    We recommend the weber-e.mix waterproofing solutions for bathrooms.

  4. Tile Fixing & Grouting

    Use tile adhesives as per substrate and requirements so that the bathroom can be kept in good condition for a longer period.

    For tile adhesive products, use weber-e.mix tile adhesive for bathrooms.

    For grouting, use the weberfill epoxy grout that has anti-fungal attributes and also easy to clean.

  5. Your waterproofed toilet is ready for use!

    Now it's time to do the post-work cleaning, and fill the empty space with furniture, sanitary ware, metal, boxes, and lighting so the waterproofed bathroom can finally be used.

    After completing the above steps with Weber-E.MIX's products, photograph and share the results with us with #WeberEmixBathroom.

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