Weberbond Decor Floor

Weber Singapore


  • 25kg

Weberbond Floor Finishing Series

Discover flooring innovation

Attractive floor coverings can instantly transform a space and provide years of carefree service. 

At Saint Gobain, our products represent advanced mineral silicate technology to reduce hazardous, resinous-free chemical build-up when used. 

Enhance the timeless appeal of your flooring while incorporating your personal style.

Treat your floors with an added layer of protection and high-end design

Looking for ways to update your floors? 

Now, with our selection of earth-friendly, fast-setting, non-shrink, multi-purpose, floor finishes, create an atmosphere that’s comfortable and unique. 

Whether you want to resist traffic areas or add visual interest, we make it easy to match your aesthetic. 

All products are VOC-free and affordably priced with safety in mind.


Weberbond Terazzo Binder

Weberbond Terrazzo Binder is a self-levelling, quick-cure, terrazzo floor finish designed for seamless floors with durability and excellent abrasion resistance. 

This product is suitable for fast application, covering high mechanical loads such as garages, warehouses, and production areas indoors and outdoors.

25 kg 

About this product

Works as a binder when mixed with colour pigments, stones, sand, glass, fibres, shells, and other aggregate mixtures. Adjustable according to the needs of the flooring. 

Features and benefits

For areas covering extreme weather conditions. Zero shrinkage, blistering, natural crazing, or cracks. Anti-slip flooring solution for seamless floors.