E.MIX ep flakes system

EMIX Epoxy Flakes
  • E.MIX ep 501 gp 

Part A – 3.2 kg pail

Part B – 1.8 kg pail

  • Mica flakes 

  • E.MIX ep 531 tc 

Part A –  kg pail

Part B –  kg pail


  • E.MIX ep 501 gp - 5 kg
  • E.MIX ep 531 tc - 6 kg

E.MIX ep flakes system is a decorative solvent free epoxy system for application on concrete floor or existing aged ceramic tile surfaces. To refurbish existing aged tile surfaces without the need for time-consuming, noisy and dusty complex renovation. There is a wide array of choice of colour chips to give life to existing old appearance.

E.MIX ep flakes system is ideal for application in showrooms, toilets, warehouses, kitchen, and corridor etc. where an aesthetically pleasing, anti-slip surface is required.


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