Decorative Epoxy Flooring (Flakes)

How to beautify your floor

  1. Surface Preparation

    All surfaces must be clean, sound, and free from any laitance, oil, grease, and any other contaminants.

  2. Grip Primer Application

    Prime the surface with E.Mix EP 501 GP using a paintbrush or paint roller.

    This product is a solvent-free epoxy primer designed for use on ceramic, glass and concrete surfaces before the application of E.Mix flooring systems. 

  3. Flakes Broadcasting

    Allow primer to settle for 2-3 minutes before scattering our E.Mix EP Flakes System onto the wet base coat. 

    This system is ideal for application on concrete floor and existing aged ceramic tile surfaces.

    • No hacking and re-tiling needed (subject to condition of aged tiles)


    Bonus: Wide variety of colour chips to choose from!

  4. Top Coating

    Remove all excess flakes and apply our E.Mix EP 531 TC (sold together with the flakes system) as top coat to protect and seal the flakes system.