Industrial Look Flooring

Industrial floors are concrete floors with a seamless finish. It also has to be durable and hard-wearing in order to withstand heavy traffic and loads.

Seamless but heavy duty industrial floors are typically made for warehouses, showrooms, mall boutiques, laboratories and other structures with storage for bulk equipments and driveways for heavy vehicles.

How to make your floor seamless and smooth

  1. Substrate Preparation

    Ensure that the substrate is structurally sound, free of oil, grease and loose particles. The substrate should be cleaned by grit or shot blasting, high pressure water jetting,  or grinding.

  2. Primer Application

    Prepare and apply E.Mix EP 500 PR, a solvent-free epoxy primer to prime and seal concrete substrates before the application of the flooring systems. 

  3. Self-Smoothing Epoxy Floor System Application

    Mix and apply E.Mix EP 520 SL, a seamless and self-smoothing epoxy floor system with three components consisting of a base, a hardener and quartz fillers.

    This product is specially formulated for clean rooms, production areas, laboratories, hospitals, food industries, industrial workshops, pharmaceuticals, museums, and art galleries. The cured floor forms a very smooth, hygienic and chemical resistant floor.