Admixtures & Bonding Agent

Construction Bonding Agents & Admixtures

Strengthen your concrete mix with our Admixtures & Bonding Agents

As a primer or as an admixture, bonding agents prepare the concrete substrate to receive site mixes of cement/sand or prepacked plasters, renders, and screeds. They help to adhere plasters and mortar to old or new concrete surfaces.

Premium Materials with Superb Sustainability

Our exclusive and specially-designed bonding agent is environmentally-friendly and HDB-approved and is suitable for all types of residential, commercial, or industrial settings, whether they are located indoors or outdoors.

Using the correct bonding agent and admixture can be vital to the long-term strength and unity of mortars onto your concrete structures.

Bonding Agent

Specially formulated Bonding Agent

Our bonding agent helps to enhance adhesion of mortars onto concrete substrate. It also enhances cementitious mortars’ flexural strength, tensile bond strength, water resistance, and durability.

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Made from premium and environmentally-friendly materials, we provide the best admixture and bonding agent with superior adhesive capabilities in Singapore that is HDB-approved and SGBC-labelled.