Weberdry es 115

Weber Singapore


  • 20 kg

Weberdry es 115 is a high build, single component, modified water-based polyurethane liquid membrane system with superior exterior performance capabilities. It provides a seamless, tough and flexible protective, waterproof UV resistant barrier over the applied surfaces when fully cured. Weberdry es 115 can be used on both metal and RC substrates and bonds strongly to the applied substrates. It is fast drying, odourless and is able to withstand exposure to tropical environments. Weberdry es 115 also provides a highly durable, moisture resistant, corrosion-resistant protective coat when applied on metal surfaces.

Weberdry es 115 can be applied over almost any substrate or surface, as long as these surfaces are competent, stable, and are properly cleaned and prepared prior to application.

Weberdry es 115 has multiple uses such as

Waterproof protective corrosion-resistant top coat on metal surfaces
Anti-carbonation coating to exterior exposed walls, gable ends, external surfaces
Trafficable coating system for light to medium traffic

Weberdry es 115 provides a strong, highly durable, seamless coating to protect exposed concrete and metal surfaces when used in conjunction with a suitable fibreglass reinforcement material.