E.MIX es 112

E.MIX es 112


  • 20 kg

E.MIX es 112 is a single component, high-build, water-based, elastomeric membrane waterproofing system.  It is formulated as high adhesion, modified terpolymer membrane which can be used on all substrate types such as metal, reinforced concrete, wood, to provide an economical but effective protective, waterproof barrier over the applied surfaces.

The cured E.MIX es 112 film is tough yet flexible and has good exterior exposure performance capabilities. The membrane cures to a highly durable, seamless, moisture and UV resistant protective coating which bonds strongly to the applied surfaces. It is also fast drying, odourless and is able to withstand exposure to UV, humidity, tropical environments.

This product can be applied over almost any type of substrate, as long as the surfaces are competent, stable, properly cleaned, free from dirt, dust, laitance, oil before application.

E.MIX es 112 has multiple uses, and its diverse applications include use as a :

  • Horizontal damp-proofing layer and vapour barrier
  • Wet area waterproof membrane
  • Planter box and water feature waterproof membrane
  • FRC protective coating layer
  • Repair system for asphaltic coatings
  • Tanking, substructure waterproofing
  • Vapour barrier and protection for retaining walls
  • Moisture and soluble salts barrier for concrete surfaces
  • Anti-carbonation coating to exterior exposed walls, gable ends
  • Durable, seamless protective coating when used with a fibreglass reinforcing mesh

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