E.MIX es 111

E.MIX es 111


  • 20 kg

E.MIX ES 111 may be used on almost any substrate if stable and cleaned. It can be a waterproof coating for metal or concrete deck, decorative colour coating for sports surfaces, or a trafficable coating for light to medium traffic.

It is an anti-carbonation coating for exposed surfaces. With a suitable fibreglass reinforcement material, it forms a durable system for exposed, concrete flat roofs, and metal surfaces. E.MIX ES 111 is suitable for repair and renovation of pitted and weathered metal roofs and decks.

This product is made of a single component water-based terpolymer liquid membrane system which cures to form a tough, flexible, coloured, waterproof protective membrane. The cured membrane coating is seamless, durable, UV-resistant and bonds strongly to the applied metal or concrete substrates.


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