Weberdry MB 166

EMIX mb 166


  • 10m x 1m, 50 kg

Weberdry mb 166 is a prefabricated, modified bitumen APP (Atactic Polypropylene) membrane of distilled asphalt modifiers, coated with small coloured granules (mineral finish) and reinforced with a stabilized polyester and fiberglass. The burn-off film at the bottom surface acts as a temperature gauge upon application. It is designed especially for multi-layer solutions in cement, metal or wooden structures, with or without thermal insulation.

Used for exposed reroofing or new roof waterproofing especially RC flat deck application. Acts as a positive vapour barrier, preventing the migration of water vapour.

It can also be used for roof top M&E enclosures, roof terraces, viaducts and balconies.

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