Advantages of Using Premixed Construction Products

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Using premixed construction products allows your company to shorten construction timelines, save on costs, and have greater quality control over your construction products.

The Advantages of Using Premixed Construction Products

Mortar is one of the most commonly used materials on a construction site. Made up of cement, sand, and/or limestone, it is a building material that is used for plastering, rendering, skimcoating, screeding, repairing concrete structure, or the laying of bricks and cement blocks. Mortar is produced in two ways; either site-mixed or pre-mixed. Site-mixed mortar refers to mortar that is made on-site with a mixture of cement and sand, whereas pre-mixed mortar, also known as pre-packed mortar or ready-mixed mortar, is produced in a factory. It is packed in powder form inside a bag and delivered to the project site in a specific quantity and mix design required.


Four Advantages of Using Premixed Construction Products

Premixed construction mortar is highly useful. Outsourcing the production of the mortar allows the company to save on costs as well as have a shorter construction timeline, better quality control, and housekeeping over its site-mixed construction products.


1. Shorter timeline

In construction projects, time is of vital importance. Using premixed mortar can help to complete the construction project faster as it eliminates the need to proportion the raw materials for site mixes. There is also no unnecessary time wasted such as waiting for the other materials to be combined to produce the final mortar product. Workers simply need to pour the required amount of water into the prepacked mortar bag to get mortar instantly, which saves a lot of time.


2. Lesser Costs

Using premixed mortar is a cost-effective option for your construction projects.

Making mortar on-site is not easy or cheap. To get site-mixed mortar, one has to procure the raw materials like cement and sand separately to the site and find proper storage space for them.

Experienced individuals are also needed to properly proportion and mix the site-mixed mortar. Usually, site-mixing is mismanaged by inexperienced site workers, resulting in poorer quality mortar. Additional costs are then needed to repair and rectify the defective plastering works caused by the poor quality mortar.

The use of premixed construction products saves the labour needed to proportion the raw materials correctly and the need to procure storage for the raw materials of the mortar ingredients.


3. Better Quality

The type of construction materials used affects the final overall structure. It is important to choose quality materials to have better finishes and durability as well as greater safety and sustainability.

Premixed mortar is produced with proper equipment in production factories. In a factory, the mortar is produced with pre-designed recipes and under controlled conditions. Extra additives are also added to the pre-mixed mortar to enhance its workability and performance. There is continuous monitoring over the entire manufacturing process such as the selection of raw materials, production, and testing of materials for the final products.

Also, these established companies are already specialised in the task of producing consistent and high-quality ready-mixed mortar, leading to fewer risks of having subpar mortar.

If premixed mortar isn’t used, workers will have to manually measure and mix the cement and sand as well as proportion the amount themselves, resulting in an inconsistent mixture of materials throughout the entire mortar application.


4. Better Housekeeping

Site-mixed mortar creates an unsightly mess at the working locations due to bad housekeeping and inaccurate measurements.

The workplace floor will be filled with unsightly cement bags and sand. Sometimes, leftover heaps of sand and excessively produced mortar will also be dumped on the floor, resulting in very bad housekeeping at the site.

On the other hand, pre-mixed mortar comes neatly packed in 25kg or 40kg packaging. The quantity of mortar to be used can be easily estimated and the right number of bags can be used for mixing and application without wastage. They can also be neatly stacked on pallets and stored in sheltered storage areas on-site, without any unsightly messes.



Using good premixed construction products is a recommended choice as there are greater time and cost savings as well as better quality of mortar and housekeeping. This ensures that construction projects are completed on time and the final structures are better finished, more durable, as well as safe and sustainable.