6 Sustainable and High-Performance Construction Materials

high performance construction materials

Why should construction materials be sustainable?

If you are a property owner or a construction engineer, you are more likely to be aware of how eco-friendly materials make or have made an impact on a better world. Over the years people have taken to considering greener building alternatives that contribute to a lesser carbon footprint. The following list contains some of the more commonly known high-performance and sustainable construction materials that will help your building project become environmentally responsible:

Different types of construction materials

1. Bamboo

The perfect alternative to wood, bamboo is a sustainable and green building material. An average bamboo grows to full size in just four months in comparison to standard trees which can take more than 30 years. Due to its astounding strength and durability, today, bamboo is used for a myriad of interior and exterior purposes in buildings like flyovers, dwellings, multistory buildings, large span structures, and interiors of airports, recreational infrastructure.

2. Reclaimed wood